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shortcut keeper in title

Shortcut A handy tool that comprises shortcuts to frequently used system applications, programs and folders with...
Size: 20K
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Create shortcut Desktop Shortcut desktop Launcher launch  
Shortcut PhotoPrint Create prints of your photos in a click...
Size: 2.2 MB
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photo quality ink technology printing fine expensive prints  
Shortcut Utility A customizable pop-up shortcut window
Size: 1.1 MB
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Creator shortcut hotkey make shortcut System Shortcut  
Shortcut Keys Adds keyboard shortcuts to all the items from your Firefox menu.
Size: 2 KB
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shortcut Firefox extension key hotkey firefox addon  
DSSF Shortcut Enables users to create desktop shortcuts to any website fast and easily
Size: 20 KB
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Create Creator shortcut create shortcut website shortcut  
Animated Shortcut Create customized program, file, or folder shortcuts.
Size: 676.55K
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Customized shell folder  

shortcut keeper in tags

HotKey QL HotKey QL is a free application that gives you the ability to keep all the keyboard shortcuts in one central place
Size: 376.96K
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manager shortcut keyboard hot keys definition HOT HotKey QL  
HotkeyP Assign a keyboard shortcut, a mouse shortcut or a joystick shortcut to any executable file, document or...
Size: 164787
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shortcut keyboard Desktop Shortcut remove shortcut  
Shortcut Central Shortcut Central is a plugin based system wide key shortcut manager that can be used to several different things. Developers can program a new Module that expands the functionality of SCC (ShortCut Ce
Size: 169K
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shortcut Desktop Shortcut remove shortcut make shortcut  
Shortcut Viewer Easily examine your shortcut files by dragging them onto this simple utility. Shortcut Viewer lists all the properties of a shortcut instantly, including the rarely seen description string - ideal for
Size: 40K
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shortcut Desktop Shortcut remove shortcut make shortcut  
BlackBoard ShortCut Creates shortcuts on your desktop, start menu, or anything on your computer. Safely delete any shortcut. Edit the shortcut's filename if you move a program to a different directory. Move a shortcut fr
Size: 842K
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shortcut Desktop Shortcut remove shortcut make shortcut  
D Net Contact Keeper D-Net Contact Keeper 1.1 Contact keeper is a small application for cataloging your contacts name, address, phone numbers,...
Size: 3.54 MB
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login keeper name keeper keeper PDF Keeper password keeper  

shortcut keeper in description

mSession Keeper mSession keeper is a Firefox addon designe to enable you to define multiple sessions and keep them alive. mSession Keeper is based on Session Keeper by Guillaume Boudreau. Now you can allow for multip...
Size: 18 KB
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keep keeper session firefox addon  
Sermon Keeper Sermon keeper For Windows is a freeware program that will help you keep up with your sermons. If you already have sermons on file in your computer, you can use Sermon Keeper to locate and catagorize y...
Size: 1.66MB
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organizer organize locate categorize keeper  
IP Keeper IP keeper is a password manager that will secure your information. It provides many templates of common types of data you might need to be kept secure. IP Keeper helps you not to memorize all of your ...
Size: 171.91K
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protect password manager secure encrypt Encrypt Data  
Box Keeper Box keeper is a very popular and addictive puzzle game. Solving the levels is challenging but the real challenge is to solve them with the minimum number of moves. Box Keeper contains the original 50 ...
Size: -
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Passphrase Keeper Keep track of your password safely with Passphrase keeper. You can keep a master list of passwords securely encrypted on your computer. You can unlock them all with a master password. Passphrase Keepe...
Size: 887.7K
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generate password manager password password generator  
MCS Password Keeper Password keeper is used to keep track of all thosepasswords all of us have to remember on a daily basis.How many times have you lost information because youforgot one of your many passwords? If you sa...
Size: 270K
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password keeper message track keeper Remember passwords sa